We’re The eSports Agency,
a brand and marketing agency.

About us

We are a focused agency in digital entertainment – especially in competitive gaming. This new youth movement is also named as eSports. With more then 15 years experience and knowledge in this business we are also Influencers with very good contacts to organizers, teambrands and companies. This is our favor that make us very unique in the market.

What we do
Brand Awareness

We are placing your company brand right in the hearth of eSports. The gamers will love you!


We are doing Consulting for teambrands. So far you can focus only on your teams for raise them up.


Online- and Offline-Events are having an enormous range. Place your brand in the universe of being an organizer.


We are creating incredible concepts and strategies for the eSports business. Setting up concepts and strategies are our bonus.

Premium Network

We have a big network of traditional eSports sponsors and to new engaging companies. Open your mind for an incredivle mindset in this business.


We are giving advises to companies, brands and players for placing themselves as number one.